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Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Advent of electronic cigarette has changed the consumable filler nicotine state from solid to liquid and turned smoking into vaping. Thus Electronic Cigarette Liquid is of utmost importance for vaping experience. There is variation in flavor as well. You do not necessarily need to smell tobacco while vaping. You can choose even from different fruits, coffee, chocolate or menthol flavors for your Electronic Cigarette Liquid.

The Categories of Electronic Liquids:

  1. Flavors: If you consider the flavor to categorize e liquid, there are innumerable kinds of flavors offered by a number of 5 star rated or unrated companies. The list is too long to mention completely.
  2. Liquid Base: There are 3 kind of liquid bases that can be used to prepare an Electronic Cigarette Liquid. The First one is PG or Propylene Glycol, an organic compound which is used as food additive, in oral medicines and injections etc. It is easy flowing, odorless and tasteless and thus can carry any flavor nicely. The second type is VG or Vegetable Glycerin which is also a safe food additive especially in sweet items, cough syrups, tooth paste etc. Though it can produce great vapors, but is less preferred by most for its sweet taste and less fluidity. Third is PEG or Polyethylene Glycol which is less common as compared to PG and VG and used for PG allergic vapers. It is also a safe food processing liquid and widely used in toothpaste, mouthwash, eye drops, skin creams etc. Most e liquids use mixture of 70% PG and 30% VG as the liquid base.
  3. Nicotine Concentration or Strength: Besides base liquid, water and flavor nicotine is an important ingredient of an Electronic Cigarette Liquid. However, the amount of nicotine per ml varies and determines the strength of the e liquid. It is important that you know and choose right nicotine concentration for your vaping. Nicotine strength can start from zero i.e. 0 mg/ml and step gradually up to 6 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml, 18 mg/ml, 24 mg/ml and 36 mg/ml. More the nicotine strength, more addition and harm for your health.

Few Health related Questions you should ask yourself:

  • If the Nicotine level is too High for you: 1. Do you feel uncomfortable burning on throat while inhaling vapor? 2. Do you feel drowsy or light headed after a few drags? 3. Do you have headache after a short vapig session? If you answer yes to any of these questions, the nicotine level is higher than that your body can accept. You can reduce the nicotine strength of your Electronic Cigarette Liquid to see the change. Of course, stepping down alone doesn’t guarantee improvement from the symptoms.
  • If you can reduce the Nicotine level by yourself: If you have some extra bottle of e liquid you can try to bring down the nicotine strength by following ways -

1. The most convenient way of reducing the nicotine level without damaging the flavor is to buy the same flavor with less nicotine and mix them in appropriate ratio.

2. VG works fine in diluting nicotine concentration though it will thicken the E-Liquid.

Best E Cigs


The first electronic cigarette was invented by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963. This device was used to heat the solution of nicotine, which produced the steam. This device was never launched in the market. A Chinese pharmacist is known to invent the electronic cigarette in 2003. He was the one who came up with the idea of vaporizing a pressurized liquid jet, which contains diluted nicotine in the solution of propylene glycol. This device was used to produce smoke, which was used by inhaling and providing a vehicle for the delivery of the nicotine in our blood stream. The e cigarettes evolved from time to time, in 2006 a British entrepreneur invented cartomizer, which is a mechanism used in integrating by heating the coil to the liquid chamber. Further in 2007, a new device was invented which created a positive potential in the market sector. The sale of e cigarette increased rapidly from 50 thousand to 3.5 million in just 4 years. These are generally used by the people who were addicted to smoking and also by the youngsters who have a liking for the electronic cigarettes. This is used in order to help the users to reduce their cigarettes and help them quit.

What are E cig?

The electronic cigarettes are operated by battery, which helps in stimulating the tobacco. This is done with the help of producing an aerosol, which is used to  resemble the smoke. It consist of a heating element, which is called an atomizer, the atomizer helps in vaporizing the e liquid. E cigs are also knows as smokeless cigarettes and are used as an alternative of consumption of nicotine, which is responsible for addiction. E cigs helps in converting the liquid nicotine in the form of a mist or vapor, which prevents smoky smell.


How does E Cig Work?

E cigarette is made up of a cartridge, which helps in storing the liquid. This liquid can be of various flavor, which gives flavor to the cigarette. The cartridge is present in the e cigarette and soaked in e liquid juice. This makes a contact with atomizer. With the help of capillary and the gravity action the juice present in the cartridge filler is absorbed with the help of Atomizer Bridge, which further goes into the steel of atomizer, this is a kind of a reservoir of the cigarette. This is the place, which is used when input is required. While inhaling the e cigarette the liquid present in the reservoir of the atomizer is pulled up where there is a ceramic pot. This liquid is absorbed with the help of aromatic polymide. Simultaneously, a small part in the e cigarette heats the coil and in turn heats the liquid, which comes out in the form of vapor. This vapor is pulled up from the mouthpiece.

What does e cig consist of?

  1. Atomizer
  2. Cartomizers
  3. Clearomizer
  4. Rebuildable atomizer
  5. Power
  6. Variable and voltage devices
  7. Mechanical personal vaporizers
  8. E Liquid

E cigarette flavors


Some of the best qualities of e cigarette liquids are produced in America, which is a blend of PG, VG, and flavors, which are based on organic natural alcohol. It consists of some amount of nicotine, it is best to keep the nicotine juice oxidized, which makes it flavorful. Generally, the mixture contains 80 % of VG and 20 % of PG. A good company has its nicotine extracted and tobacco grown from the United States of America. All the flavors are graded by USP and also the TG and glycerin content. The flavors are approved by FDA and there is no addition of colors or water. The juice does not have any Bisphenol A. it is insured that all the flavors are packed in a bottle in way that makes it childproof.

Simply Vanilla, Winter Green, Red Hot Cinnamon, and ICE Menthol

At times, you have craving of fun and wild flavor and there are other times when you want to relax by sticking to simple flavor. Simply Vanilla is a flavor, which is a balance of flavorful and delicious juice, which contains vanilla flavor, which is not too sweet. This juice is exclusively for those people who like familiar, rich, indulgent, and of beautiful Vanilla flavor.

Winter Green flavor gives a throat hit, which is exceptional it is a refreshing and delicious flavor, which is enjoyed in an e cigarette.

Red Hot Cinnamon is a delicious candy version; this is not harsh or tiring and can be used on a daily basis. It’s a flavorful juice, which is not watered down it is one of the favorite among people.

It is usually known as Fire and ICE Menthol, which uses a blend of special mints as well as cinnamon which gives a delicious hint of cooling and Fire Menthol. If you want to try Ice Menthol with no Fire, then you can also go for absolute zero Menthol.


CinnaBomb, Eastern Menthol Tobacco, White Horse Tobacco, and White Horse ICE Tobacco

This is a flavor, which is blended with full strength of Cinnamon and Menthol. There are also other interesting and delicious ingredients, which makes this juice give us a throat hit. If you are weak, do not try this.

Eastern Menthol Tobacco is a juice, which is blended of smooth and also the enjoyable taste of Ice Strong Menthol, which will give you the right throat hit.

White Horse Tobacco is a blend of Caramel and also the nuts, which is sweet in taste and gives a lasting aftertaste. You can relax and sit by enjoying this flavor at any time. You can also blend White Horse Tobacco with other flavors to get a unique E-juice.

White Horse Ice Tobacco is a combination of ice cold and menthol.



Hawana Gold Tobacco, Wild Blue Berry Tobacco, SnickerDoodle Tobacco and Peach Nector

This Hawana Gold Tobacco is designed for the people who want an experience of smoking high cigar

Wild Blue Berry Tobacco, which gives a taste of delicious Wild blue berries which gives incredible flavor Burst.

Snicker Doodle gives the taste of cookies of Snickerdoodle, this gives the taste of sugar buttery cookies.

Peach Nector is a refreshing and bright taste, which gives a taste of juice and ripe peach.

The Best E Juice


E liquids comprises of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavor and nicotine. You can also substitute these by the cheap Chinese import and DIY brews. E liquid is an important part of the e cigarette which is stored in the cartomizer which is also known as the tank. E liquid is made up of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavors and diluents. It is referred as the main part of the e cigarette. The nicotine present in the e liquid is said to be addictive. You can purchase an e liquid from online. Some of the companies which sell e liquid are as follows

  1. Vapor zone
  2. V2 Cigs
  3. Apollo
  4. Halo
  5. Henley
  6. Green smoke

Ideal ratio of PG and VG

You will find different ratio of PG ad VG depending on the choice of the customer. Some of the PG VG ratios are 50:50, 80:20 and sometimes there is 100 % of PG and also 100 % of VG. You can use higher amount of PG in the E Juice if you want more flavor. But if you like more vapor then you should go for VG. If you are new to the E cigarette you can try out the ratio of 50:50 or 60:40 of PG and VG. By doing this you will get flavor and also the vapor. PG also helps in giving flavor to the E liquid.

Steeping of the E Liquid

  • Leave the liquid with the lid keeping off: some people like to seep by keeping the cap on whereas others prefer keeping the cover off. The main point is to give time to the liquid and let it mellow down so that it can take time to marinate. It depends on you whether, you want to let the air pass or not.
  • Make sure that you keep the liquid in darker place: Take off the seal of the cap from the bottle with the help of the plastic bag and keep the liquid in darker and cooler place for about seven days.
  • Seal in the paper bag: If you want to steep as soon as possible you can use this method. You can do this by placing a container in a bag made up of paper and further wrap it up in a plastic bag which is waterproof. Then place it under the steaming boiling water for 15 minutes. After this shake the contents in a container.


It is important that you choose the E liquid which are graded by United States Pharmacopeia. This is an authority which prescribes the OTC food and dietary supplements. When the product is graded by USP it ensures the high quality, strength as well as purity. It is important that the product is graded under USP as it insures that there are no harmful toxins in your e liquid. In fact the clean laboratories and the best quality of manufacturing are also necessary in making of an e liquid.